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London (858)
Birmingham (190)
Glasgow (165)
Manchester (136)
Bristol (129)
Leeds (103)
Belfast (88)
Leicester (84)
Nottingham (84)
Liverpool (67)
Norwich (65)
Southampton (62)
Sheffield (60)
Newcastle upon Tyne (59)
Cardiff (54)
Croydon (53)
Edinburgh (51)
Reading (49)
York (49)
Colchester (48)
Coventry (44)
Maidstone (44)
Peterborough (43)
Preston (41)
Stockport (41)
Ipswich (39)
Romford (39)
Chelmsford (38)
Bedford (36)
Northampton (36)
Exeter (35)
Swansea (33)
Wolverhampton (33)
Aberdeen (32)
Derby (32)
Ilford (32)
Bournemouth (30)
Brighton (30)
Doncaster (30)
Bolton (29)
Bradford (29)
Cheltenham (29)
Rotherham (28)
Worthing (28)
Plymouth (26)
Hull (25)
Chesterfield (24)
Sevenoaks (24)
Walsall (24)
Halifax (23)
Middlesbrough (23)
Rochdale (23)
Worcester (23)
Brentwood (22)
Guildford (22)
Luton (22)
Mansfield (22)
Salford (22)
Shrewsbury (22)
Altrincham (21)

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Insurance Broker has been providing details of Insurance Brokers online since 2007. We strive to provide the most accurate and up to date information we can to allow you to easily find trusted and local insurance brokers.

We allow the general public to leave ratings and reviews of the insurance brokers / firms that we list as we feel this is the only way to find out which company provides the best service. Please keep in mind that most people are more likely to leave a negative review if they have had a negative experience with an insurance company than if they had a great experience.

You can rate the insurance companies on four different areas which are Price, Service, Knowledge and location.

We provide maps for each company so you can easily find them, you also have zoom functions to better understand where they are located.

If you know of any information on our website that is out of date, wrong or should be removed please contact us with all the relevant information and we will sort it out as soon as we can.

We allow insurance brokers to advertise on our website by having an enhanced listing; it gives better visibility to listings and more chance of traffic. Please visit our advertising section which goes into detail about the benefits.

Lastly, if you have any feedback to make Insurance Broker easier to use or better functions please let us know and we will try to make that happen.

Thank you,
Insurance Broker

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Eyre Insurance Services
Caithness & Co Ltd
Clydegrove Insurance
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Marcus Hearn & Co Ltd
H A Leslie & Co
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